I’m a botanist, gardener, naturalist, writer and speaker interested in plants, nature, gardens, conservation, and restoration in natural and created landscapes.  I do a variety of presentations, classes, and workshops on topics from Native Plants for Pollinators to Creating a Woodland Garden to Year-Round Vegetable Gardening.   I also offer landscape consultations, informal design services, and garden coaching on a non-profit basis to benefit regional botanical gardens, natural areas, and land trusts in Western North Carolina.

a mess of plant labelsMy background and expertise includes gardening with natives, wildlife gardening, ecological design, kitchen gardening, habitat restoration, and gardening for pollinators.

After teaching about plants, gardening, and nature for over 30 years as a professor and botanical garden educator, I enjoy continuing to encourage others through classes, coaching, consultations, and presentations. I served as Director of Education at the South Carolina Botanical Garden at Clemson University for over 20 years, where I was responsible for education programs and classes for adults and children, garden interpretation, and school programs.

My award-winning blog, Natural Gardening, includes reflections about gardening for nature, natural history observations, and the fun (and challenges) of gardening in the Carolinas, as well as natural history travel observations around the world.  Links to my latest posts appear in the sidebar.1trout lilies

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